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At R4 Scaffolding, we pride ourselves in providing solutions for a wide host of clients, including those specialising in New Build Construction projects. Identifying the right solution when working at height for these sites is vital to the maintenance of safety and the progression of the job at hand. With 75 years of experience under our belt, we bring together highly qualified scaffolders who tailor their approach to fit the needs of every client. Whether working alongside construction companies or individuals, we provide the same in-depth planning and erection process to ensure the highest quality results.

New builds, whether constructed from timber frames or traditional materials, present a range of unique challenges. The exacting demands of the end customers on quality as well as the varying requirements depending on the size and scope of a project mean that these projects require the support of a highly experienced team. With a focus on working to your budget and creating a bespoke scaffold project solution, we’ll work within your timeframe and ensure that every aspect of design and installation is carried out to the highest standard.

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Tailored scaffold solutions

While timber frame construction is swiftly becoming a popular choice for new builds, it also requires a specific type of scaffolding solution. Freestanding scaffold structures are required on-site and installed prior to the construction of the frame itself. These need to be stabilised accordingly or staked into the ground, depending on the specificity of the client. Our experienced and qualified scaffolders will work closely with your team to design and erect scaffolding solutions that allow the rest of the project to run smoothly.

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Scaffolding for Housebuilders & Developers

As the build progresses, the new build scaffold will need to be adjusted and adapted to suit the work in hand. This requires the support of a highly experienced team that can work in-line with your contractors and ensure no delays occur. This also means that the scaffolding set in place needs to suit the work taking place on the external facade of the building – whether this be brick or timber work. With over 75 years of experience, our team has supported the efforts of many businesses to ensure that safety remains a key priority at all times.

One reason why timber frame new builds are so widely used is the speed at which they can be erected. On these projects, the need for contractors that can react quickly and alter specifications to suit an ever-moving construction site is vital. We have worked with many traditional new builds and timber new builds over the years, affording us a wealth of experience that allows our team to provide the highest quality scaffolding solutions to our customers.

Here at R4 Scaffolding, we are a family-run business with a professional dedication to offering the highest-quality service to every single customer. Whether you’re building a family home to cherish or have a large-scale new build property in the pipelines, our scaffolders are here to help. If you have any questions about our services or would like to speak to a member of the team about your next job, please get in contact with us here today.

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