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Choosing to have construction work done on your property comes with a host of other decisions, including ensuring you provide safe working environments for your contractors. At R4 Scaffolding, we provide tailored and cost-effective domestic scaffold project solutions to suit your budget and the specifications of any job. With our team of fully certified and highly skilled scaffolders on hand, we can take the scope of your project and construct a raised working platform that reduces hazards and supports the flow of the job.

The unique demands of domestic construction sites require the support of a team that knows what they’re doing. At all times, we take into account the safety of both the workers and those residing within the property, as well as restricted time frames, budgets and minimising disruption. Some of our most recent domestic construction projects can be seen over on our Projects and Gallery Page. With all of these, our first focus is to clearly understand the needs of our clients and the construction project they’re working on. Forging good communication and solid relationships means we are able to eliminate the risk of issues later down the line and focus on providing streamlined services for our customers.

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While some domestic construction projects are undertaken before residents move in or during periods where they are absent, considering the safety of those living in a property is vital. Not only do we want to reduce the risk of falls from height by contractors, but we also want to provide a secure and stable working platform that prevents falls, slips and trips too. Backed by 75 years of experience, our team have worked on a large number of domestic projects and have gained the experience to prioritise safety at all stages.

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Domestic scaffold projects tend to take place in areas with restricted places. Whether due to other properties, public highways or protected areas, this is a key consideration when it comes to erecting scaffolding. The final design needs to keep safety and job productivity at the height of importance without obstructing walkways or crossing over boundaries. Our scaffolders have the experience and skill levels to tailor each design to the exacting needs of the site and work with whatever space is available.

Minimising disruption is key – especially in domestic environments. These construction projects are normally timed to perfection, with subcontractors required to work smoothly in order to deliver the project on time. As such, the domestic scaffold solution you need has to be designed, erected and secured swiftly to minimise any disruption on our side.

R4 Scaffolders are backed by leading industry qualifications and work in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005. We are on hand to discuss, advise or instigate work on your domestic scaffolding job now. To speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact with us here today.

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